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John Lewis for Adam & Eve DDB

John Lewis - Snapper: The Perfect Tree

A little boy finds a seed at a market while shopping with his gran and takes it home with him, as the box says: “Grow your own perfect Christmas tree.”

The two-minute film shows the boy taking care of the seed until it eventually grows into something unexpected: a Venus flytrap called Snapper.

The ad shows Snapper trying his best to be the family’s Christmas tree, but it unfortunately causes chaos. This leads to the family putting Snapper outside and replacing it with a normal tree.

On Christmas morning, the little boy ventures outside to put one of his presents underneath Snapper and the rest of the family join. Snapper then munches up the presents and spits them out for the family to catch.

It was directed by Megaforce through RiffRaff, and created by Alex Kosterman and Avani Maan.

The ad features the song Festa, which means “celebration” in English, and it was performed by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.


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